Another Beastie Boys Film Homage

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Spike Jonze directs new Beastie Boys movie
Spike Jonze’s new promo for grown-up brat rappers Beastie Boys, is another to add to a list of classic, hammy homages by New York’s oldest teenagers

New York Brat rappers, though now considerably less brattish since their first album Licensed To Ill 25 years ago, have always used their video promos to express a healthy sense of the ridiculous and to nod to TV and Film classics.  Spike Jonze’s new video, Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win hails from the Team America/Gerry Anderson puppets school of cinema.


Other classic Beastie Boys homages include Sabotage and the 1970s cop show


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Intergalactic and its nod to Godzilla movies


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And Body Movin’s reference to cult 1960s movie Danger: Diabolik


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