100 Bullets From Cannes

A slide from Jesse Desjardins’ Cannes slideshow

Cannes Lions, edited, crunched, memoed, noted. “Talk, talk, talk,” I hear you say, well here’s a week of seminars condensed into a simple slideshow by presentation designer Jesse Desjardins


“Enough!” you scream, “I can’t take any more Cannes” and you haven’t even been to the advertising festival. But trust us, here’s all you need to know about the week of seminars in this nugget-filled slideshow by Jesse Desjardins, “100 bullet-points from Cannes Lions”. Below are are some of our highlights, and while your there check out Desjardins’ SXSW slideshow.


That image above this article is from a seminar by Jimmy Maymann, Executive Chairman of Go Viral and Brand Expert Martin Lindstrom. Fascinating on Hitchcock’s working process and given the rational, systematic, scheme of this Blue/Green approach to directing, we’re assuming Hitchcock was ultimately a “Blue“, kind of director. Everything worked out in detail.


And from the same seminar, Coke’s desire for Brand Immortality wrapped up in its design brief.



And from BBDO’s analysis of the archetypal personalities generated by the different types of screens we use. Each screen (personality) requires a different order of content.



Who better than Malcolm Gladwell to reframe the lazy consensus.



From the Sapient Nitro seminar. Lady Gaga as the ultimate, all-singing, all-dancing, brand, platform and multi-tasking publicity generator.





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